Corporate video production is the use of Audio-visual communication medium in form of texts, graphics or photography to generate and engagement from the targeted audience. It is usually formal and used by companies, corporate and organizations. In this era and age of internet and social media, corporate video production is the best tool one can use as is the most effective. They make business goals easily achievable. Due to its nature to instantly grab attention, companies and corporate have no choice but to adapt to the changing wave in consumers’ preference in the way they want or prefer to receive information.

There are produced in different forms depending on the objective it sets to achieve and not merely the type of industry. For example, you can have: company profile videos, customer testimonial videos, exhibition videos, product launch videos, event videos, brand films etc.

Corporate video production will differ from one company to another but mostly follow six crucial stages. They are:

  1. Setting of objectives. This involves the company chosen to do it and the client. They both seek to understand and set objectives to be achieved from the videos.
  2. Researching audience and market. The producing company then researches on the target and potential and refines the audience to direct the message.
  3. Deciding core messages. Literally writing down the main info that the client wants to put across. This stage requires strictness on what to include and exclude; more on what to exclude for the corporate video to be on point.
  4. Developing creative idea and story. This involves presenting the message in a capturing and captivating story to attract audience and sustain them enough to get the message the client wants to put across. They then develop a script for this.
  5. Film animate and edit. This is the actual recording of the video. It is then edited to ensure its perfect before using it in the media.
  6. Measure success. The client and the producing company then measure success achieved from the video.

When done correctly, corporate video production effectively achieves the following:

  • Engages employees to the maximum
  • Builds the company’s brand
  • Convert clicks to customers
  • Grows your business

For the produced video to hit, it must:

  • Have correctly identified targeted audience
  • Tell a story that creates emotional connection
  • Seek to show more often than it can tell
  • Focus on the customer and not the organization
  • Share what the company/organization believes in and not just what they do.

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